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Troop Caters. 


If you've hung out with us before you know that you don't hang out with us for long without becoming family. We love you as soon as we meet you. 


It's our superpower. And we know how to make a party. 


Whether your party or event is pretty big, pretty small, or somewhere in between - it's a pretty giant deal to us. Let's make it amazing together. 


Onsite, Offsite, BBQs, Beer, Cocktails, Weddings, Birthdays, Working Lunch, Whatever.


We’re here to help make it better and as best it can be. 


To kick off the process fill out THIS QUICK FORM and our catering squad will get back to you shortly



Please meet our catering and event manager Nicolette Russell!

Nikki leads our catering and special events both in house and offsite. 

Nikki is a rock star and brings her energy, creativity and enthusiasm to all events!


My passion for event planning has always come from an extremely creative perspective. As an artist, it makes me happy to see my visions come to life. As an event planner, it makes me happy to know that I am helping another person make the same thing happen. Troop is a big part of giving these events that magic everyone is looking for."
                                                                 - Nikki

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