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Gorillas live in groups known as a Troop. This is the story of how our Troop came to be. 


In the beginning of 2016 a fun, flavorful catering company called Laughing Gorilla came on the Providence scene. Led by Chef Jason Timothy and Leigh Vincola, with help from Revival Brewing’s Sean Larkin, Laughing Gorilla brought a party wherever they landed. Late in the same year, they found a temporary home for a pop up restaurant at the tiny breakfast spot known as Kitchen in the West End. Here Laughing Gorilla built on their reputation for turning out globally inspired street food traditions in a fun restaurant setting. 


In late 2017 the team grew to include Chris Simonelli and Amar Kapadia and put down some more permanent roots in the Valley neighborhood. With designer Kyla Coburn, the partnership built the colorful home that we know at TROOP PVD and exploded nightly with creative eats, beats and drinks. Inspired by pop culture of the 80s and 90’s, TROOP is fun, fresh and familiar. Our astounding staff, customers and growing community in the Valley and beyond, all help to amplify the vibe and expand our Troop. 



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